How’s the umbrella working?

Each material for your outdoor cover is different – there is no silver bullet here. They all work & look different. So have a browse below at each of our four material options below to see which would work best for your home.

Entertain for the masses outside under a tailored patio or just have coffee with your partner – either which way, connect with the outdoors & seamlessly bring the indoors/outdoors together.

From a simple pergola to a large area for entertaining, today’s trends vary from open spaces that integrate with the garden or pool area to more enclosed ‘outdoor rooms’ which enable you to entertain all year round.

Your patio should improve your home & not just appear that you have bolted something onto it. So let’s explore your material & design options to realise your homes full potential.

What about design options?

Getting the RIGHT design for your pergola is critical & is one of the three main areas of our design process.

Design your patio cover to compliment your home with options ranging from, skillion, traditional gables, hipped roof – but to name a few.

CLICK HERE to read more & understand patio cover designs for your home

Get ‘flexibility’ for you outdoor cover

This louvered roof system can be customized to suit most spaces, small and large, whether rectangular or of a unique shape. Available in a range of colours, the ‘Eclipse’ opening roof system can match in with  existing home design.

What Material is right for you?

Every material is unique in its own way – there’s isn’t a silver bullet. Each product looks & feels different; then combined with your tailored design – will create an outdoor living area that is perfect for you & your family.

Learn more about each of the outdoor cover materials we use below.

Lined Ceiling

Get a seamless transition between the inside & out.

Timber & exterior plasterboard ceilings

Louvred Opening Roof

Create a truly flexible outdoor living area with louvers

Rotate your louvred patio cover to have comfort all year round

‘Premium Series’

The ‘Premium Series’ roofing sheets give a modern take on the traditional Colorbond patio cover


Bring the indoors out with year round comfort

A sleek aesthetic design with exceptional insulating capabilities

Lifestyle extras

Don’t wait for the weather to be ideal – design it perfectly from the beginning with these complementary elements to complete your outdoor room.

Afraid of losing too much natural light?

You know you want some kind of outdoor cover but you are also concerned about losing the natural light. Dilemma.

So don’t feel frustrated, it is a well worn path & there is a solution.

These are the bits that everyone forgets

Accessories such as lighting, heating, exterior blinds & even outdoor kitchens are the small details that brings your outdoor room to life & enables you to use your space even more.

Some people think that they can come back to these another day… but if ‘that day’ ever comes, then you have to undo what has been done or you will have a patch up job.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why we don’t use polycarbonate

Everyone is worried about maximising their natural light, but with the light comes heat.

There are ways to balance the light & heat to get a comfortable outdoor living area that you can use all year round.

CLICK HERE to read more & understand the in’s & out’s

Do I need any approvals?

One of our most commonly asked questions we receive is “Do I really need council approval for my Pergola?”

CLICK HERE to understand your options to ensure you do it right the first time

What happens if I am in a bushfire zone?

Don’t fear – we’ve built a lot of outdoor living areas in all bushfire levels. So don’t put a line through your dream, there is a way & there is a process that we follow.

Learn more about building in a Bushfire Zone here

How Emanate & Co Works

We’ll help guide you through the process to give you a clear understanding of your material options, how your new outdoor living area will look & will take care of the approval process.

Our process is a little different & detailed but it gives you clarity of your dream & ensures no surprises.

10 year structural warranty

We take pride in our constructions. Have peace of mind with a 10 year structural warranty on all of our outdoor living constructions.

Our approach

  • Asking the right questions at the beginning
  • Digging deeper to find the right solution
  • Consultative, considered, creative
  • Focus on innovative, clever solutions
  • Getting the little things right

Our service

  • Accountable and accessible
  • Client first – always
  • No short-cuts, no stone unturned
  • Relentlessly responsive
  • Flexible, reliable, courteous
  • Old fashioned values, modern business

Our quality

  • The best materials + pride in craftsmanship = lasting value
  • Context sensitive – designing with a sense of place
  • Custom-built, unique designs
  • Blending the home with the outdoors
  • Your home. Only better.

The entire team is highly skilled in offering assistance to ensure you achieve what you are seeking

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