Connecting your home with the outdoors

We are Emanate & Co, this is our story …so far.

We have transformed over the last 30 years but remain a family owned & operated business. Evolving through the decades from the classic 1980’s vincent brown screened enclosures era through to something entirely different today – styles naturally evolve & so have we.

Beginning life originally as a franchise way back when & well known within the community as ‘Patioland Hornsby’. Times have changed – franchises go separate ways & in the end we stayed as we were in Hornsby but found that what we were delivering to our clients wasn’t reflected in where we sat in the market.

We understood, we heard & noted there was confusion. So we scratched & prodded, talked to our clients about what they saw & our journey continues; but in a different way, and that is how Emanate & Co was born.

From the initial meeting, through to the design process and discussions and then the installation, the whole project was seamless.

Roslyn; Five Dock

So, what do we do?

We bring friends & families together through the construction of inspiring outdoor lifestyles.

Emanate & Co constructs individually tailored:

And we specialize in construction within high-level bushfire outdoor living areas.

We have a strategic process that will take you on a journey. You’ll find that we’ll ask you the right questions at the beginning & dig a little deeper so that ultimately we find the right solution for your home & family.

More often than not, most of our constructions require some kind of approval process. Our clients generally aren’t aware of the bits & pieces that are involved with approval & really they don’t want to know. You would prefer to have it handled for you so you can focus on the other more important things in your life.

We focus on the simple bits that most builders forget & leave behind… Communication & Cleanliness & this is what our clients looooove.

Everyone’s home, tastes & styles are different.

Our clients are…

  • Looking for quality
  • Wanting a trusted relationship
  • Looking for a complete solution
    Starting with obtaining approvals as required through to finishing touches as deck staining & all electrical.
  • Not looking to replace a few decking boards or swap out a roofing sheet