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Don’t rush & leave it too late

Every renovation project needs a plan. A quality construction might not be completed in a single day or even a week. A lot of work is often required prior to commencing your build. Taking the time to plan your development with the development checklist below will manage your expectations.
The following provides a basic outline of the steps involved and approximate timelines normally seen with constructing an outdoor living area.

Please remember that these are provided as a general guide only & that each project muse be considered on its individual needs & requirements.

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Step Time to complete Considerations/Notes
1. The Starting Point– Collect ideas of what you like
– Determine your realistic budget
– What do you want it to look like? What features do you want?
– Visit a display site to look at design/material ideas
2. Appoint your Outdoor Living specialist– Develop the design & confirm material selection
– Advise you of the process involved
– Approve the contract
3. Drafting of Plans (If required) 14 days– Determine approval process
– Draft plans & specifications
4. Local Authority Approvals (If required)10 days – 12 weeksThe length of time will vary with the specific approval process.
5. Demolition (If required)1 dayOften a skip bin is required
6. ConstructionVaries due to design/construction 1 day – 4 weeks– Communicate regularly with your builder
– Water, power & a toilet are required during construction
7. Final1 day– Site clean up
– Client sign off
– Inspection by Operations Mgr