Get the right person for the right job

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We don’t build first floor additions, We don’t build kitchens, We don’t build garages. I’m sure we could, but we don’t.

Why? Because we specialise in bringing friends & family together through the construction of outdoor living areas.

We don’t wear every hat & you can’t. Think Adriano Zumbo – became famous for the macaroon. Has since added to his bakery range, but his “bread & butter” (sorry for the pun) is his macaroons.

I often meet with clients who have met with a landscaper or builder who has wheeled out the old line “Don’t worry about it, I can tackle that”. Tackle that! I don’t want you to tackle it, I want you to love it, caress it & get it right. You might ask, so what, who cares, so long as it gets done. Often our work is one of the last items to be added to the home or project & can easily get overlooked. So this makes it even more important to get it right – it is the cherry on top of the cake that sets it off.

I often hear about bad advice in these cases where the wrong person has had a look at the wrong job for him/her. The usual one about a deck or patio cover doesn’t need council approval, drainage issues, posts going where they don’t have to. If you get one of these things wrong – a council ranger can knock on the door with a demolition order, the gutters can overflow back into your home & cause significant structural damage – the list is too big & scary to continue.

Think about it, while you are at the dentist you don’t ask him or her “Listen while you are here, would you mind having a look at this pain in my foot”. Are you talking to a specialist or someone who can ‘tackle’ anything & everything?