Outdoor Living – Top 3 Tips

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Often we tell our clients to “slow down” so they can achieve a better result to their new Outdoor Living Area, so we’ve put together this quick 3 min read to give you the top 3 tips.

Watch the video below…

#1 “You don’t know what you don’t know”
We do this everyday, but you might only tackle a project like this once every 15-20 years.

So, do your homework & understand your options.

You not only have to understand your material options – blackbutt vs merbau, ‘Velux’ sky light vs a Nature Lite; but you have to feel comfortable with your builder. As this is a relationship that you will have for a decent period of time & you should enjoy the process.

#2 Work to a master plan

Don’t let your backyard look like a patchwork quilt. Think about the bigger picture.

Do you ultimately want to include?

  • A Pool,
  • Decking
  • Landscaping,
  • Paving,
  • Retaining walls, or even an
  • Outdoor kitchen??

All of these items, work hand in hand. So if that’s the case that you should engage an landscape architect.

This doesn’t mean that you need to do every item on the list today – in fact the opposite. It will give you clarity & it will give each of the trades a ‘master plan’ so everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet

It will also enable you to pick through the most important items or the areas that you can initially afford to do first & to budget the remainder for a later date.

#3 Understand your council obligations

Don’t fall for the “Don’t worry, its only a deck – she’ll be right”.

She won’t be. More often than not a large backyard renovation can cost well into the six figures, so don’t risk it.

Sometimes you can build to the boundary line, but more often than not you can not. So its best to know what you can & can not do early, rather than try & unscramble the egg later when it all hits the fan.

If you would like to know more about the approval process & download the ‘Exempt Development Checklist – have a sneaky look here

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