Go slower to ultimately move faster

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Go slower to ultimately move faster….. Huh??

Get the perfect outdoor living area, that ticks all the boxes by following these three simple rules.

So often I meet new clients who wanted the project completed yesterday. Why? This time of year it is very common to hear they “wanted it yesterday” as every one wants the new area for their home completed before the big fat jolly fella arrives.

Unfortunately, when people get the benefit of speed in their construction, they forfeit some other areas – such as design or options in terms if accessories. How does the old saying go?? You can choose between quick, cheap or having it done properly – and you can only pick one!

So what are our three simple rules?

1. Think about the bigger picture.

What is it exactly you want to achieve? More living area. An area so the kids can play. The perfect BBQ space.

Why do you want the area that size? Will it fit for how you want to use it?

2. Plan for your accessories today.

Don’t leave this & try to do it later. Not only will you not do it but it won’t look as good. Flexibility to your outdoor living area is the key to enjoyment & ensuring that you get value for money but using the area all year round.

How do you achieve flexibility?

Think about Summer vs Winter, day vs night, rain vs sun, cold vs hot.

Even if you can’t afford the ‘Heatstrip’ heater or the light fittings within the area, plan today & at least make allowances for the wiring during construction. Why? So when the time comes to fit the down lights in 12 months time it is easy & you won’t need to pull apart half the structure to do it right or have nasty conduit all over your beautiful patio.

3. Do your homework.

Just because “Tom the Chippy” says that it is right doesn’t mean that it is. Look at all of your options – understand the benefits of each material or design. Everything in building has pluses & minuses – it’s just a matter of understanding what is right for you, gives you more ticks then crosses; not necessarily for the builder.

We hope this helps you create your perfect outdoor living area.

If you have some ideas you would like to share or would like to know what options would suit your home, contact us today.