4 ways to turn your backyard into an oasis

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Looking to create the perfect backyard oasis where you can kick back and relax in style with all the features whatever the season or weather?

Then you need to tick these boxes for your backyard to wow friends, family and neighbours – and give you a space that suits your lifestyle and has all the features you want.

1. O is for oasis: green your outdoor room

What is an oasis without an abundance of greenery? If you are looking to create a true oasis in your backyard – which is variously defined as, a small fertile or green area’ or ‘something that provides refuge, relief, or a pleasant contrast’ – then you need to get planting to tick this box. To get the tropical vibe you need to layer your plants, with larger, leafy plants at the rear to give you that ‘jungle’ feel, with smaller shrubs in front of those for interest, with groundcover and mulch in between. The idea is to create a sense of depth with your planting. Choose leafy tropical palms or evergreen plants that will look great all year, and native varieties if you want a waterwise garden. If you are feeling really creative why not install a ‘green wall’ or build a vertical garden – it is sure to be a talking point when you have people over and they look amazing too.

2. C is for ceiling: Louvers, lined or insulated

When it comes to sheltering your backyard, you need an option that gives you the right features for your lifestyle and your home. Practical considerations like which way your home faces and the local climate are all factors you need to think about before choosing. We think an aluminum louvered roof is a versatile and stylish addition to your outdoor living area. With this, you get to control how much sunlight and breeze you let through. And you will never need to cancel a barbecue ever again because of bad weather. There are also timber lined boards in a variety of colours, if you are looking for this style of finish for your ceiling.

3. F is for flooring: Outdoor decking, tiles or composite?

You have a range of options when it comes to a suitable surface for your backyard oasis. Hardwood timber is the obvious choice for that Aussie classic: the outdoor deck. Depending on your plot you can build it close to the ground or elevate it with stairs and handrails to keep people safe. This is a great solution to reclaim otherwise unusable sloping land or to deck the surrounding of your pool. In terms of the look, and if you want to recreate that Balinese resort feel, go for a dark timber that offsets the lush green of your plants. There are also Bushfire rated exterior tiles, which look and feel like the indoor variety, and are laid onto a compressed sheet over a steel-framed subfloor.

4. A is for accessories

Finish off your backyard oasis with all the right accessories. What do you need? That depends on you and your lifestyle – but some must-have items include a BBQ or outdoor kitchen, outdoor dining table, sofa and cushions and break-out chairs. Not to forget some basic essentials like having outside power, especially if you want a wine fridge and lighting.

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