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Building a deck low to the ground

Don't make these mistakes with your deck Often the deck or external floor can be a last minute thing that people almost 'just throw on' as an after thought. But it won't be for a couple of years that the issues will start to arise.…
October 15, 2021
Case Studies

Harbourside Alfresco Outdoor Living

Welcome back to past clients We looooove to welcome back old friends - after completing an alfreco outdoor living area for Andrew & Annabel  10 years earlier at their previous home in Killara; it was great to work with them again at their new home…
September 22, 2021
Case Studies

‘Hamptons’ Alfresco in Pennant Hills

Re-claiming a 'Dead Space' Ben & Kylie reached out to us to turn their existing area which was essentially just an area for their dogs. The existing structure had been there for quite a while - had a good life; and been built by the…
August 26, 2021
Case Studies

Alfresco Area Re-Build in Gordon

Alfresco Area 'brought back to life' in Gordon We were fortunate enough to meet our new clients through a referral, as we were previously working around the corner from this home in Gordon - both owners talked on a morning walk & that's how our…
July 15, 2021