Updated Insulated Light Panels

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Flexibility in your outdoor living area is key – why? It will give you comfort & enable you to enjoy the space all year round. Flexibility also means ‘balance’ – balance between light & heat, as the general rule of thumb that we apply is that the more light you let through into your outdoor living area, means the more heat that will come with it; thus rendering the area useless for large chunks of the year.

A product that we are using more & more of for covered outdoor living areas or patio covers is the insulated roofing sheet; and our insulated roofing sheet is the only one available where you can still insert a light panel to let some natural light into your outdoor living area. The new & updated ‘Naturelite Panel’ gives a stylish & seamless finish to the ceiling or underside whilst still letting a soft natural light to filter into your outdoor living area.

The Naturelite Panel is 115mm wide & the best way we describe it is that it is similar to having a fluorescent light on during the day.

Why use an insulated roofing sheet on your patio cover?

  • Stylish appearance
  • Ability to include electrical light fittings within the roof sheet – even down lights
  • Strong – great spanning capabilities mean that you need less frame which equals less clutter
  • Great colour range – with more colours available for the ceiling rather than just white

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