Your First Steps Outside – 3 Important Steps

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Your first steps outside

Following these three important steps before you start is the easiest way to the perfect outdoor living space.

Step 1: Consider why you want to renovate.

Understanding exactly why you want to transform your outdoor space is the perfect place to start.

  • Is your existing deck impractical or does it not meet your needs?
  • Is your patio cover out-dated, requiring a refreshed or updated design?
  • Has your existing structure dilapidated over time, requiring significant repair?
  • Are you looking to increase the value of your home and invest in the future?
  • Is your family growing (or perhaps receding) requiring a change in needs from your outdoor space?
  • Or perhaps you just don’t have an outdoor area to entertain your guests or enjoy some time to relax?

Each reason is subtly different. Taking the time to consider the motivation behind your renovation makes it easier to design and build the perfect space that meets your personal budget and needs.

Step 2: Give yourself a realistic budget.

Knowing how much you have to spend is important. Home renovations often cost more than people expect, so cementing your budget early will avoid unwanted surprises as the process develops.

What will help you with your budget?

  • Know in advance how much you have to spend and be honest about that figure.
  • Be up-front about your budget so that your design is planned around your boundaries.
  • Be aware of all the aspects involved in your renovation before you commence your build.
  • Use the experience of a professional team to eliminate unforeseen expenses and make your budget work for you.

Step 3: Think about what you really want from your outdoor living space and why.

Here are some simple but important tips to know about your outdoor space.

Consider the size and function of your outdoor space before you start your design.

  • What will you be using your space for?
  • How often would you like to entertain?
  • How many people would you entertain?
  • How big does your table setting need to be?

Think about how your space will work.

  • Remember that the chairs are pushed back from the table as people use them.  This impacts on your space.
  • The BBQ area is often the place where men meet and talk.  Consider the social role it plays so that the area does not become crowded or unsafe.
  • Design your entertainment space larger than you think to accommodate all (not just some) of your guests.
  • If your outdoor area is beside a pool, allow enough distance to avoid being wet