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Top 10 Tips for a Perfect Outdoor Living Area

By May 2, 2015November 24th, 2022No Comments

We have put together through our 30 years of experience, what we believe are the top 10 tips for a perfect outdoor living area.

  • Use an established outdoor living specialist. To make it perfect, use a professional. Your budget will work harder and the results will last longer.
  • Planning is vital. Consider your functional needs with the aesthetic design. For maximum enjoyment, your outdoor space needs to look good and meet your needs
  • Be realistic in your timings. Allow for the unforeseeable such as delays in council approvals and weather, as well as the construction and installation of quality craftsmanship. This will ensure your outdoor area lives up to your expectations.
  • Use the best quality materials. We often recommend Colorbond steel, which is stronger, more durable, and requires less maintenance in the future. The colour range offered by Colorbond ensures a good match with the exterior of your home.
  • Optional extras for additional comfort. Consider when and how you wish to use your space. Outdoor blinds, fans and heaters allow you to use the space year around. Railings and screens add to both safety and privacy and give the impression of an outdoor room.
  • Maximise natural light. Use light panels to maximise daylight whilst reducing heat. ‘Nature Lite’ panels can be used on most shape roofs and materials. Remember that the more light you let in, the more heat will come with it.
  • Allow adequate space. Consider how you will use the area in the future as when you are entertaining friends & family, the area can fill quickly. Remember to allow space for the BBQ
  • Choose colours wisely. What other colours are used on the exterior of your home? A good tip to remember is that your eye will naturally look through darker colours easier & as a result they don’t stand out as much.
  • Enhance with lighting. Consider your lighting during your design phase so your wiring can be hidden a lot more effectively. Outdoor lighting will mean you can enjoy your area during the evening and can create a stunning atmosphere.
  • Think of storage areas. A carefully thought-through design can include storage areas such as bench seats, which will give you the opportunity to hide the kid’s toys.