Considering glass balustrade?

A glass balustrade or handrail surrounding your deck or pool area can look great, but the thing to remember which most people forget is that you will need to clean it.

And as I found, if your deck is high off the ground getting to the otherside or outside of the glass can prove a little difficult.

I always say: building materials such as decking boards, timbers, guttering or whatever it is; needs to be maintained regularly. Think of it like your car – if you get it serviced as you should & wash it regularly, it will mean that your vehicle looks great & runs more smoothly for longer.

A lot of people automatically lean towards a glass balustrade thinking that it will enhance their views, which is true. But don’t forget that horizontal stainless steel wiring can give a similar effect or if cost becomes a factor, run with a darker colour in an aluminum balustrade as your eye will naturally look through darker colours & pick up your beautiful surrounds.