‘Heatstrip’ Outdoor Patio Heating

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Warm up through winter with ‘Heatstrip’

You have most likely seen them in your local café or pub & thought how good would they be in my home?? Not using your outdoor living area in winter? Is it too cold? Transform your current outdoor living area & warm it up this winter with a ‘Heatstrip’.

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The ‘Heatstrip’ Classic are premium outdoor heaters that are stylish & perfectly designed for outdoor living areas such as outdoor kitchens, patio covers, verandas & balconies. Available in a number of different sizes that can help transform any outdoor covered area & ensure that the heating requirements are well & truly met.

  • Australian designed, engineered & assembled
  • 4 times cheaper to run than gas bottles heaters

How much do they cost to run?

In many instances, patio heaters powered by gas bottles are used as an outdoor heating source. The below table shows the running cost comparison between Heatstrip Classic and a bottled gas outdoor heater. The hourly running costs are considerably less and with Heatstrip Classic you never have to worry about running out of gas; no refilling; no unattractive gas bottle to waste space; no gas emissions and Heatstrip Classic actually improves the value of your property. As an example, the savings are from 77% for THH3200A to 90% for THH1500A.

THH 1500A THH 1800A THH 2400A THH 3200A
PER HOUR $2.77/hour $0.30/hour (30c per hour) $0.36/hour (36c per hour) $0.48/hour (48c per hour) $0.64/hour (64c per hour)
PER YEAR $498.60 $54.00 $64.80 $86.40 $115.20

Four Heatstrip Classic models are available from 1500 watts to 3200 watts, ensuring the heating requirements of any undercover outdoor or indoor area are met. Brackets for direct ceiling or wall/ceiling angled mounting are supplied as standard. Optional Heatstrip accessories include beam or fixed umbrella mount brackets, extension mount brackets, chain suspension brackets, twin mount brackets and high-end quality flush mounting enclosures.

Would you like to arrange for your patio cover to be warm in winter? Call us today to arrange for an proposal for your home – (02) 9481 0486.