Is your patio cover/pergola too hot?

Balancing Light & Heat in your Pergola/Outdoor Living Area One of the most common questions or even concerns we get asked by our clients during their early stage of investigation is about not loosing too much natural light to the internal living areas that the…
September 6, 2016

Do I need council approval?

Do I need council approval for my deck or pergola? “What size deck needs council approval?” We get asked this question every day of the week & generally speaking approximately 80-90% of our constructions require some kind of approval. This could be Complying Development (CDC)…
August 24, 2016

Updated “Street Smart” Colorbond Colours

Updated “Street Smart” Colorbond Colours The “Premium Series” Colorbond range is now available in an updated COLORBOND® range which sees a high gloss finish to give you low maintenance, attractive and street-smart structure without the need for painting. The great selection of double-sided COLORBOND® roofing…
June 17, 2016