Friends, family, socialising

Entertain for the masses outside under a tailored patio or just have coffee with your partner – either which way, connect with the outdoors & bring the indoors/outdoors together.

Your patio should improve your home & not just appear that you have bolted something onto it. So let’s explore your material & design options to realise your homes full potential.

From a simple pergola to a large area for entertaining, today’s trends vary from open spaces that integrate with the garden or pool area to more enclosed ‘outdoor rooms’ which enable you to entertain all year round.

In the end, we went with the people we trusted most.

Liz & Tim; Davidson
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Flow from the inside & connect you with the Outdoors

Outdoor Covers

Covered outdoor spaces.

Making the outdoors part of your home

Lifestyle extras

Don’t wait for the weather to be ideal – design it perfectly from the beginning with these complementary elements to complete your outdoor room.