Out The Back Door Podcast

Welcome to “Out The Back Door”, which is a podcast that starts from the back door of your home & stretches out to the rear fence.

We’ll talk about everything in-between, from landscaping your garden, designing your outdoor living area, council approvals, pools – essentially everything that can fit into your back yard.

We have a number of industry experts & leaders in their fields that will help you understand the best way to use your backyard & help make your dream come to life.

  • Landscape Architects
  • Bushfire Consultant
  • Outdoor Living Construction
  • Architect


Season 1

  • How to create the perfect Outdoor Room for your home

  • Do you need council approval for your extension, pool or outdoor living area?

  • Principal Certifier – Who are they & how do they fit into your backyard renovations?

  • Building out the back in a bushfire zone

  • Avoiding costly mistakes when planning your Landscape Design

  • How to pick the correct colours for the exterior of your home

Season 2

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