Colorspan Exterior Flooring System

The “Colorspan Exterior Flooring System” is a structural floor framing system which gives you a rock solid foundation to your patio area.

The steel piers and steel framing can be clad in the material of your choice including:

  • Timber Decking
  • Compressed Sheeting finished with Tiles
  • Aluminium Decking

The Australian bush is an integral part of our local landscape, it is peaceful & beautiful however it can also pose significant Bushfire risks. Our ‘Colorspan Flooring System’ can be lined with tiles or aluminum decking – both products giving you compliance with the highest bushfire zoning BAL-FZ.

The ‘Colorspan Exterior Flooring System’ can also be combined with timber decking to still give you the aesthetic appeal of timber, with the strength and durability of Colorbond steel underneath.

Steel framed deck

Colorspan Exterior Flooring – the strongest solution

It has a number of features which sets it apart from other decks

  • Design flexibility to be installed for all shaped areas
  • Long term durability – reduced maintenance associated with timber
  • Aesthetic appeal – reduction in piers & colour coded framing to match your home

Strength & Longevity

This louvered roof system can be Customized to suit most spaces, small and large, whether rectangular or of a unique shape. Available in a range of colours, the Eclipse roof system can match in with  existing home design.

Smartphone Operation

The ‘Eclipse’ opening & closing patio cover has always been popular but now it has really stepped it up a gear. You now have the ability to control the louvers with your smartphone,  tablet, or computer.

But wait there’s more…… You can also control not only the louvers but your lights, blinds, fan & heater all from your smartphone. One device, all your features / Lifestyle Accessories in the palm of your hand.

Simply, easy, clever

Our approach

  • Asking the right questions at the beginning
  • Digging deeper to find the right solution
  • Consultative, considered, creative
  • Focus on innovative, clever solutions
  • Getting the little things right

Our service

  • Accountable and accessible
  • Client first – always
  • No short-cuts, no stone unturned
  • Relentlessly responsive
  • Flexible, reliable, courteous
  • Old fashioned values, modern business

Our quality

  • The best materials + pride in craftsmanship = lasting value
  • Context sensitive – designing with a sense of place
  • Custom-built, unique designs
  • Blending the home with the outdoors
  • Your home. Only better.

The end result certainly lived up to our expectations, and we really appreciated the attention to detail in the finished product.

Michael & Rosemary; Ryde
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