Lane Cove townhouse transformation

Ugly Ducking Transformation in Lane Cove West

  • Overgrown backyard
  • No space
  • No covered entertaining area

From nothing to something for this family in Lane Cove West.

Great to work with ‘Space Landscape Designs’ & ‘Leaf Landscapes’ on this project to deliver a whole new backyard.

It started with Space Designs who took care of the design & then the subsequent Local Council approvals. We consulted directly with the client & worked with them through the initial design to tailor the entertaining area cover even further.

Getting the colours right, understanding where they were going to put their outdoor furniture & even re-educating them in relation to material options to ensure we ticked every box.

When we are initially working with our clients we run through:

  • Material choices – louvers, Colorbond etc
  • Design – flat, gabled etc
  • Accessories – lighting, heating etc

Walk through the project with us

To help the client understand these options & to visualise, they came into the display where they got a better understanding of all of these options.

We started construction on the Eclipse opening roof patio cover after Leaf Landscapes had completed their structural landscaping, however we consulted directly with them during their process to double check measurements but to also ensure a great finish.

An option we discussed was the direction of the louvers which also affected the middle bulkhead. As a ‘rule of thumb’ the louvers generally run North/South – as the sun goes East/West it generally means that you can follow the sun better in Winter.

We also threw around only having one ‘bay’ of louvers, which would have resulted in a Colorbond, fixed roof section to the other half of the outdoor living area. We’ve used this option a number of times previously, however & as you can see in this case the whole area was covered using the louvers, with the bulkhead running down the middle to house the down lights.

One aspect that the owners liked was that for the size of the area, we only had two bays of louvers. They did their ‘due diligence’ & others said they could only achieve a covering to the whole area with 4 bays of louvers; thus minimising the actual effectiveness of the louvers.

Would you like to find out more?

Can you entertain our relax outside all year round? Is your BBQ & outdoor furniture always covered? Contact us to have a discussion about the options available for your home. We highly recommend that you share a coffee with us in our office so you can have a closer look at the products available in our display. We find that this helps our clients a lot as they can get a ‘hands on’ feel for each material option. Our display is by appointment only, so use the section below to book in a suitable time for us to meet one on one to casually discuss your outdoor lifestyle.


  • Size: 5880mm width x 7286mm projection
  • Colorbond framing in ‘Monument’ colour
  • ‘Eclipse’ powder coated aluminium louvers in ‘Surfmist’
  • 280mm mid bulkhead to house LED down lights
  • 150 x 150mm powder coated aluminium posts in ‘Monument’ colour
  • Internal Colorbond box guttering
  • Total Value $48,095 (GST Incl.) September 2018