Do I need council approval?

Do I need council approval for my deck or pergola?

“What size deck needs council approval?”

We get asked this question ever day of the week & generally speaking approximately 80-90% of our constructions require some kind of an approval. This could be Complying Development (CDC) or a Development Application (DA).

Often we find that people simply get the wrong advice & don’t do their homework – most of the time they simply look at, or are told that they only need to comply with one area; being that the construction must not have an area of more than 25m2 which is incorrect.

There are 12 points of compliance to consider to obtain approval under Exempt Development whether this is for a pergola or a deck.

So what are the approval options for your deck or pergola?

Exempt Development
This is where you are renovating, or constructing minor building project that don’t need an approval from your Local Council or Private Certifier.

Essentially Exempt Development means that if you can tick all of the requirements you are free to construct your deck or pergola without any council approvals required.

Complying Development (CDC)
In you fail to meet the Exempt Development criteria you could then assess your project to see if it meets the Complying Development requirements for your home.

CDC is more in depth than Exempt but is a fast tracked, combined planning & construction approval for your development. These are generally completed by a Principal Certifying Authority (PCA) or your Local Council.

Generally CDC can be obtained within 10 working days, so it’s nice & quick.

Development Application (DA)
Is where you Local Council assess your proposed development against their criteria, such as their Development Control Plan &/or policies.

Please feel free to download the ‘Exempt Development Checklist’. This information sheet explains the requirements for balconies, decks, patios, pergolas, terraces and verandahs which may be erected as exempt development.

Naturally to make your life easier, we take care of all approval requirements for our clients.

But after all this you still find yourself unsure?????? You’ve put it into the too hard basket. Don’t – reach out to us.

As part of our initial steps we will complete a little bit of homework relating back to your ideas to see what will work in relation to if your deck or patio requires council approval.

Want to listen & learn a little more?

Have a listen to our ‘Out The Back Door’ podcast where we talk about the Exempt Development checklist in more detail.

Whilst you are there, check out some of the other episodes – there is another one there which might be of interest where we interview a PCA to see how they fit into the approval sphere & there share some great tips.

So what next?

Meet with us in the display for a private consultation – book here, or Contact us HERE & we can have a chat about your thoughts & how we might be able to help.